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No, create an account now. An entity listening on the wire may be able to impersonate the client or server in a session that does not use a strong authentication method. For example, when a condor_startd daemon authenticates with a condor_collector daemon to provide a machine ClassAd, the condor_startd daemon initiates the connection and acts as the client, and the condor_collector daemon All rights reserved.

Register Help Remember Me? problem Archived Forums I-L > JScript for the .NET Framework Question 0 Sign in to vote   hello,           i keep getting the following IE script: ----------------------------------------------------- line 0 char For instance, if they both agree that Kerberos or NTSSPI may be used, then Kerberos will be tried first, and if there is a failure for any reason, then NTSSPI will By default, HTCondor's authentication uses the user id (UID) to determine identity, but HTCondor can choose among a variety of authentication mechanisms, including the stronger authentication methods Kerberos and GSI.

NTSSPI is best-used in a way similar to file system authentication in Unix, and probably should not be used for authentication between two computers. Claim To Be Authentication Claim To An example net mask is which specifies the bit mask 11111111.11111111.11000000.00000000 A single complete example of a configuration variable that uses a net mask is ALLOW_WRITE = [email protected]/ User joesmith MASTER: All commands are registered with ADMINISTRATOR access: restart : Master restarts itself (and all its children) off : Master shuts down all its children off -master : Master shuts down

Jobs may need assurance that data has not been tampered with. Each session has a fixed lifetime after which it will expire and a new session will need to be created again. An example of the entry in the local configuration file: ALLOW_OWNER = [email protected]/ In this example the owner has a login of username, and the machine's name is represented by hostname. This list describes each access level, and provides examples of their usage.

Authentication Proper identification of a user is accomplished by the process of authentication. This is similar to Kerberos. Forum New Posts FAQ Calendar Forum Actions Mark Forums Read Quick Links Today's Posts View Site Leaders What's New? Search for an answer or ask a question of the zone or Customer Support.

Through configuration macros, both the client and the daemon can specify whether an integrity check is required of further communication. Note that the FS and CLAIMTOBE authentication methods are not symmetric. Here is an example of configuration settings that use Kerberos for authentication and require authentication of all communications of the write or administrator access level. Requests to HTCondor are categorized into groups of access levels, based on the type of operation requested.

ADMINISTRATOR The command that can set the current values of user priorities, sent as a result of the condor_userprio command. Entries must be on a single line; this example is broken onto two lines for formatting reasons. "/C=US/O=Globus/O=University of Wisconsin/ OU=Computer Sciences Department/CN=Alice Smith" asmith HTCondor finds the map file in The contents of the files are identical in format and interpretation to those used by other systems which use SSL, such as Apache httpd. Or, the net mask may take the form of a.b.c.d where a, b, c, and d are decimal numbers that each specify an 8-bit mask.

If the configuration variable GRIDMAP is defined, it gives the full path name to the map file. check my blog Tuesday, July 10, 2007 10:19 PM Moderator 0 Sign in to vote sorry about the double threads.  The changes in the security setting doesn't work either. For each daemon, the commands are grouped by the access level required for a daemon to accept the command from a given machine. This section covers these topics. calling nonsecure webservice from a secured ssl https webpage batista, Jan 26, 2006, in forum: Microsoft ASP .NET Replies: 1 Views: 625 Laurent Bugnion Jan 26, 2006 Problem! X509_USER_KEY gives the path and file name of the key. A list of acceptable methods may be provided by the client, using the macros SEC_DEFAULT_AUTHENTICATION_METHODS SEC_CLIENT_AUTHENTICATION_METHODS A list of acceptable methods may be provided by the daemon, using the macros SEC_DEFAULT_AUTHENTICATION_METHODS HTCondor cannot prevent security breaches of users that can elevate their privilege to the root or administrator account.

Daemon Setting NEVER OPTIONAL REQUIRED Client NEVER No No Fail Setting REQUIRED Fail Yes Yes Enabling authentication, encryption, and integrity checks is dependent on security negotiation taking place. Introduction of XHTML Using Threads Versus Using Thread Pools Implementing ThreadPool using C# To show assembly from the GAC in the Add Reference... .Net application implementing indexing service is ... Others commands, such as condor_q, do not always require authentication, so in the above example, the server's policy would force Frida's condor_q queries to be authenticated, whereas a different policy could

To get HTCondor to generate a similar explanation of why requests are accepted, add D_SECURITY to the daemon's debug options (and restart or reconfig the daemon).

ALLOW_CLIENT DENY_CLIENT The names ALLOW_CLIENT and DENY_CLIENT should be thought of as ``when I am acting as a client, these are the servers I allow or deny.'' It should not be HTCondor's security model is implemented using configuration. SEC_WRITE_AUTHENTICATION = REQUIRED SEC_WRITE_AUTHENTICATION_METHODS = KERBEROS SEC_ADMINISTRATOR_AUTHENTICATION = REQUIRED SEC_ADMINISTRATOR_AUTHENTICATION_METHODS = KERBEROS Kerberos authentication on Unix platforms requires access to various files that usually are only accessible by the root user. Where a specific macro is present, its value takes precedence over any default given.

Even in the IIS system i had made then Anonymous Authentication to ON in the properties. Administrators' Manual Previous: 3.5 Policy Configuration for Contents Index Subsections 3.6.1 HTCondor's Security Model Access Level Descriptions 3.6.2 Security Negotiation Configuration Configuration for Security Methods 3.6.3 The macro GSI_DAEMON_DIRECTORY is specified to give HTCondor a single place to find the daemon's certificate. have a peek at these guys ClickOnce SessionId changes with every request in the

The information to the right of the slash character describes one or more machines from which the user would be issuing a command. It is strongly recommended that if you have authentication turned on, you should also turn on integrity and/or encryption. ALLOW_CONFIG = [email protected]/$(IP_ADDRESS) It is also possible to set the pool password remotely, but this is recommended only if it can be done over an encrypted channel. If the GSI_DAEMON_DIRECTORY is not defined, or when defined, the location may be overridden with specific configuration variables that specify the complete path and file name of the certificate with GSI_DAEMON_CERT

The condor_shadow grants the condor_starter DAEMON access so that file transfers can be done. SSL utilizes X.509 certificates. I edit newform.aspx of a custom list in Frontpage 2003. The macro GRIDMAP specifies the file to use for mapping GSI names to user names within HTCondor.

The configuration parameter SEC_DEFAULT_NEGOTIATION will allow a user to set the default level of secure sessions in HTCondor. Section 3.6.3 lists all implemented authentication methods. The security and accuracy of your DNS service is therefore a requirement. If the daemon's configuration contains SEC_DEFAULT_AUTHENTICATION = REQUIRED and does not contain any other security configuration for AUTHENTICATION, then this default defines the daemon's needs for authentication over all access levels.

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An example that requires the OWNER access level is the condor_vacate command. It is sent by the condor_schedd when new jobs are submitted or a condor_reschedule command is issued. Callingh webservice from IE using java script + Hello, Has anybody been able to call a remote web service from Internet Explorer using Java Script and as it is