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Failed To Execute Url Wcf

The fix was to add a dummy claim inside CAM (the Claims Authentication Manager). ADFS : Self-signed certificates ► August (7) ► July (2) ► June (10) ► May (8) ► April (4) ► March (4) ► February (4) ► January (4) ► 2014 (40) Luckily for us, soon after the exception-emails started showing up in our mailbox. Not the answer you're looking for?

Understand that English isn't everyone's first language so be lenient of bad spelling and grammar. I never succeed in thickening sauces with pasta water. The second was the suggestion from: Failed to Execute URL Exception when on windows 2003 relying party with IIS 6 . @paullem suggested that it was because the Name claim was I was told by Godaddy that the .svc extension is not supported.

It got me reading about the differences and in the end I managed to make my app work in integrated pipeline mode. until .. What is the difference between Classic and Integrated pipeline mode in IIS7? Send a dummy Name claim. Paging using Linq Comments on this post: System.Web.HttpException: Failed to Execute URL # re: System.Web.HttpException: Failed to Execute URL The problem is caused by the default "catch all" handler Sunlight and Vampires list of files based on permission Should we kill the features that users are not using frequently, to improve performance? it is simple restful wcf service with code in test.svc : <%@ ServiceHost Language="C#" Service="testwcf.Service1" Factory="System.ServiceModel.Activation.WebScriptServiceHostFactory"%> and testwcf.dll in Bin directory near the .svc. I am running out of ideas therefore I'm posting this here in the hope the someone will recognize what the problem could be.

WIF : Welcome exclamation mark! Requesting a normal .gif file resulted in a DNS-error page. I tried posting my issue there as well. click to read more All rights reserved.

The value of HttpRequest.CurrentExecutionFilePath property for the endpoint with the relative address differs between the problematic server (~/Service1.svc/problem) and the working servers (~/Service1.svc). Any suggestion are welcome. I'm still curious why it doesn't work in classic pipeline mode on that server, though. –Damir Arh Apr 10 '12 at 9:27 add a comment| up vote 0 down vote The Your Email Password Forgot your password?

There are a couple of workarounds I could take to avoid the issue (removing HttpHandler is not particularly high on that list) but I'd prefer to solve it by fixing the;_Classic_mode_weirdness__Failed_to_execute_URL.aspx With integrated pipeline the problem is gone. We were trying to figure out why our stupid PDF files weren't displaying over a newly configured 2k3 box. you saved my day..

Might be helpful. Calling the first one succeeds even on the problematic server, while the call to the second one fails with following error: Exception type: HttpException Exception message: Failed to Execute URL. Reply Peter pi - M... I forgot to mention before that I'm having the problem on a Windows Server 2008 R2 with IIS 7.5.

Now, apparently this issue doesn’t affect .svc’s. fyi, here's the handlers i added to make this work: have a peek here I can access the asmx page just fine in IE, but when I invoke the helloworld method, I am met with Failed to Execute Url.

for authentication, I am using adfs. View my complete profile Blogs I like Active Directory Auth0 Blogger Buzz Brady Gaster Cloud Identity English Cut Google Mark Russinovich Microsoft Azure Phil Factor Saturday kids and cooking Schneier on the app pool is in classic mode for reasons I won't get into here.

While your comment didn't exactly answer my question, the link you provided gave me some ideas - I managed to reconfigure my application to make it work with integrated pipeline mode

Pressing that button reveals two radio buttons "Classic" and "Integrated". share|improve this answer answered Apr 9 '12 at 14:40 Petar Vučetin 3,11811527 Thanks for the link. SQL Server: How do I test for the existence of a temp (#temp) table before dropping it? Sahil, you're a legend!!!

someone sent me some code that relies on an in-built ASMX. unless, I re-add their httpHandlers in the web.config that sits under [12]\ISAPI. I am running into the same issue.. Check This Out Jan 16, 2010 07:42 PM|alan cobb|LINK Isn't debugging with minimal access to the server fun? ;) Here is what fixed the "Failed to Execute URL" exception for me: Switching the IIS7

Tuesday, April 03, 2012 9:30 AM Reply | Quote 0 Sign in to vote In the end I managed to get my app working in integrated pipeline mode, thus avoiding the These checked out fine and had the same configuration as our developmachines.