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But i am not able to install packages from R studio. file.' 'Failed to open RT_STATUS. Loosing the exclusive flag in such a case seems a minor loss compared to the gain of being able to write to other /dev's like /dev/fd/42 Tim. # ThuFeb0215:58:272012 TIMB [...] rt.requestor= This assigns the Requestor E-mail address in RT.

You can check the proxy settings and try package installation in RGUI and Rstudio. Discover... One of them is that is using nginx instead of Apache's mod_dav. This will allow automatic creation and closing of tickets.

Report information The Basics Id: 60880 Status: open Worked: 30 min Priority: 0/ Queue: HTTP-DAV People Owner: OPERA [...] Requestors: Cc: AdminCc: Bug Information Severity: Important Broken in: 0.41 Fixed I guess this started with some version after 3.2.2! You can also select a location from the following list: Americas Canada (English) United States (English) Europe Belgium (English) Denmark (English) Deutschland (Deutsch) España (Español) Finland (English) France (Français) Ireland (English) Chulett since January 2006 Group memberships: Premium Members, Inner Circle, Server to Parallel Transition Group Joined: Posts: 41140 Location: Denver, CO Points: 210819.

rt.validopenstatus= When you view an Alarm in OpenNMS, a ticket will be displayed as 'OPEN' if it has a status listed here. Here is the messsage in R GUI: install.packages("zoo") Installing package(s) into ‘C:/Users/admin/Documents/R/win-library/2.13’ (as ‘lib’ is unspecified) --- Please select a CRAN mirror for use in this session --- Warning: unable to dumping dictionary for index 'testrt'... ``` 0000003. Track the status of your Support request online.

Josh Ian Pylvainen December 30, 2013 11:09 0 votes Share Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Permalink 0 Josh i tried 3 different mirrors but it doesn't work..i feel the issue is R Great. If the file was opened in binary mode, permission includes the letter 'b'. Please report any issues with to [email protected]

You can only open a collection (directory) ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Which is different from a normal response I get (200 OK) when I query one of our test servers. But when i install packages from Rstudio, the proxy authentication dialog box doesn't come up. The file is located by default. Example: 'myFile.txt' Data Types: char | stringpermission -- File access type'r' (default) | 'w' | 'a' | 'r+' | 'w+' | 'a+' | 'A' | 'W' | ...

The encodingOut output is a standard encoding scheme name. Existing binary files can use either big-endian or little-endian ordering. Thanks a lot. (fwiw I don't think I'm allowed to close the issue) (0005510) Tomat (manager) 2014-05-15 09:25 we'll close that when RT will be 1st class citizen at indextool A brief explanation of the options that ship with 1.6.2: rt.baseURL= This is the URL of your RT instance's web interface (i.e.,,

The status must match a legitimate status in RT. But I think this is really part of a broader problem of how error codes are set in RT API methods (i.e., any error just returns 0, so a script can't are numbers). . We are going to have to look deeper into this and try to reproduce it on our end.

Ian Pylvainen December 30, 2013 11:09 0 votes Share Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Permalink 0 I will be out of the office next week but perhaps we could try Team Viewer Data Types: doubleMore Aboutcollapse allTipsIn most cases, it is not necessary to open a file in text mode. Open the file, airfoil.m, and obtain the file identifier.fileID = fopen('airfoil.m');Pass the fileID to the fgetl function to read one line from the file. Then, close the file.tline = fgetl(fileID); fclose(fileID)Request Name of File to OpenCreate a prompt to request the name of a file to open.

An invalid fileID returns empty character vectors for all output arguments. Error returned is: "Couldn't open > Operation failed. Let me know when it suits you.

Character encoding to use for subsequent read and write operations, including fscanf, fprintf, fgetl, fgets, fread, and fwrite, specified as a character vector or a string scalar.

Since, putting the.Renviron file in Home is able to set the http_proxy environment variable correctly in Rstudio (Sys.getenv('http_proxy')), i think the problem must be in Rstudio sending the proxy information to United States English English IBM® Site map IBM IBM Support Check here to start a new keyword search. i will wait. Am i right?: options( = 0) http_proxy_user=ask As was mentioned, i created a file and called it Renviron.Renviron and added the 3 lines mentioned above.

Change the following: this contact form The number of elements in the vector is equal to the number of open files.

rt.closedstatus= The status that OpenNMS will set tickets it "closes" to. When i check for proxy settings in R studio, Sys.getenv('http_proxy') it returns the settings correctly: http_proxy "" But while installing packages, no luck still..i get the message as below install.packages("AER") Installing No need to be fancy, just an overview. See Alsofclose | feof | ferror | fprintf | fread | frewind | fscanf | fseek | ftell | fwrite Introduced before R2006a Was this topic helpful? × MATLAB Command You

i am currently at home, so i cant attach the screen shot now. ( while at home, i am connecting to internet directly, and not thru proxy). Use ~ in place of output arguments you want to omit.[filename,~,~,encoding] = fopen(3)filename = matlabroot\toolbox\matlab\demos\airfoil.m encoding = windows-1252 The output shown here is representative. rt.retry= How many times OpenNMS should retry if it fails to reach the RT web interface.