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Savservice.exe High Memory Usage


Under the advanced shell please fire this and see if there is an output for this command only when you see a high CPU on awarren http"grep Open /log/awarrenhttp.log | tail I did want to post a couple of these here, in the rotated awarrenhttp.log.0 file, I see may of these entries: 1447383324.909463946 [ 2616/ (nil)] dns.c:613 dns_poll dns: Bad file descriptor Not seeing this at all on the work unit. - Updated to 9.400-9 on Mar 30th - No high CPU issues prior to update - Today's high CPU is ongoing since Since disabling Endpoint Web Control, everything is normal. Check This Out

JonathanH 0 14 Nov 2015 9:15 PM In reply to Kranthi Yadlapudi: Ok here you go, it appears to happened again. I Also have a esxi based VM of UTM 9.4 running in a sandbox with 2vcpus and 2gb ram, that also is running at 4% cpu usage with 5 features enabled. You should know that if you eventually plan to upgrade to Sophos XG Home, you will no longer have the endpoint protection included with the UTM. Help Desk » Inventory » Monitor » Community » Sophos Community Search User Help Site Search User Forums Email Appliance Endpoint Security and Control Free Tools Mobile PureMessage Reflexion SafeGuard Encryption

Savservice.exe High Memory Usage

So after a few days of trying to figure out what was driving such a high CPU %, I've finally got it! Enable Web Control and CPU % shoots up to 30% or more...and this is with only 3 endpoints. removed read from on access but when a user try to access a file, windows will create a temporary file and this will be treated as write.

Ltd is an IT service provider. After a reboot it comes back up with minimal usage. I did however fire back up the old appliance so you could have the version information: I will let you know if the problem occurs on the new appliance. Sophos Utm High Cpu Usage On each server, the SavService.exe process sits near the top of resource usage in both these areas.

After updating to 9.401-11 theCPU load was still near to 100%. Savservice.exe Memory Hog The interesting thing is that I've always had those same endpoints protected so something has changed with how the Endpoint Protection interacts with Sophos UTM. I have a Core2Duo 1.86Ghz machine and 6GB ram. maxsecobj 0 3 Sep 2015 11:50 AM We'vebittenthebulletandupdatedtheharwaretoSG230's,aftersomenegotiatonwiththeresellerontheprice, UTM220sjustarenthappywith9.3 FrankFiene 0 15 Sep 2015 9:21 AM In reply to maxsecobj: We'vebittenthebulletandupdatedtheharwaretoSG230's,aftersomenegotiatonwiththeresellerontheprice,UTM220sjustarenthappywith9.3IamgettingmadwithSophosactually.AllofourASG-orUTM-220(allwith2GBRAM)stoppedworkingfinewithsomeofthelastupdates.Actuallyihaveasystemwith13(!!!1!!11)IPclients,justusingpacketfilter,ProxyandIPSwhichhasbeenstuckat100%CPUusage.Mostofthis(97%)isIOwait,andtheCPUiswaitingforaccessingdisk.IguessPostgreSQListheproblem.Afterarebuildittakesjustsomedaystomakeitunusableagain.Sophos:WTF?StopridingadeadhorselikeCopernicus,i'vetriedthefirsttwobetaversionsandfromasecuritypointofviewitisanightmare.GetyourdevelopersfixingthisissueandmakeV9stableagain.Ahhhh,don'tgetmestarted...

What To Do Create indexes within the Sophos Patch database Creating indexes reduces the CPU utilization. Savservice.exe High Memory Use If you want to retain Sophos for Endpoint, you'll have to purchase their Cloud Endpoint product. All rights reserved. Update 3: After a full day with log retention set to 7 days, there was a temporary improvement in CPU% but returned to high utilization around noon (no one was home)

Savservice.exe Memory Hog

Enable Web Control and CPU % shoots up to 30% or more...and this is with only 3 endpoints. There were about 7-8 PCs left in that office but that was enough to make an SG310 host 100% CPU. Savservice.exe High Memory Usage Update: I've swapped the preferred Master Node to be Node 2 instead of Node 1 and now both nodes are showing high CPU utilization instead of just the Master. Savservice.exe High Disk If the communication is turned off, it sounds like the same as turning off Web Control, am I right?

I just got some AP55 and they are rocket fast and really stable 0 Cayenne OP NashBrydges Apr 27, 2016 at 11:12 UTC JPSL Consulting is an IT his comment is here see if that makes a difference.Are you running any programs that use large files, like AutoCad, or Zip files, or do you have a local database program on the machine?:):11501 jak Ltd is an IT service provider. Join the community Back I agree Powerful tools you need, all for free. Savservice.exe Takes Lots Of Memory

rather than just disabling onaccess, try just setting read only, or just write only on-access scanning. Try turning off behaviour monitoring.  Trying to find what helps is probably the quickest route to Sophos UTM full CPU load problem. All rights reserved. this contact form maxsecobj 0 15 Sep 2015 10:40 AM youalreadyhaveswap,butperhapsnotenoughseethefollowinglinktoincreaseswapspace-canhelpafairbitintheshortterm > Sophos Footer T&Cs Help Cookie Info Contact Support © 1997 - 2016 Sophos Ltd.

This will bring your UTM back to normal CPU usage Level. Sophos Antivirus High Cpu Usage By creating an account, you're agreeing to our Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy Not a member? Update 2: After disabling Web Filtering globally for a few minutes, CPU utilization returns to normal levels.

Scott_Klassen 0 3 Feb 2015 2:59 PM Actuallyin9.2orgreater,thecommandhaschangedslightly:/etc/init.d/postgresql92rebuild mcLays 0 3 Feb 2015 6:09 PM In reply to Scott_Klassen: IfYouareusingWiFiwithhotspot,byrebuildingpostgresallgivenvaucherswillbedeleted.

We'd love to hear about it! Looking forward to the response :):24925 tedz 0 22 May 2012 6:52 AM Hi wickedkittenz,Some times when start up the pc or the pc is all ready on and they will Each of the managed applications provides an adapter DLL that is loaded into the ManagementAgentNT.exe process in order for RMS to manage the application. Savservice.exe *32 High Cpu I'm still trying to find more information on this one, but wanted to ask if anyone had pointers for troubleshooting the "AwarrenHttp" process when it gets to this level of CPU

Join Now I've been seeing a recurring issue with high CPU utilization on my Sophos Home. So there's definitely something going on with the Web Filtering. Technical information The 'Sophos Agent' service (ManagementAgentNT.exe) is part of the Remote Management System (RMS) application and is responsible for communicating with the Sophos applications on a managed endpoint. What's going wrong in UTM 9.4 with the Endpoint Web Control?

Then widen is out again after a day or so 1 Cayenne OP NashBrydges Apr 10, 2016 at 5:23 UTC JPSL Consulting is an IT service provider. Do I simply issue that in this window? The interesting thing is that I've always had those same endpoints protected so something has changed with how the Endpoint Protection interacts with Sophos UTM. 2 Serrano OP 0 Cayenne OP NashBrydges Apr 13, 2016 at 2:41 UTC JPSL Consulting is an IT service provider.

Does anyone else have the same experience with UTM 9.4? I just swapped my SG for an XG last week, I'll have to fire up a test SG again :) 0 Cayenne OP NashBrydges Apr 11, 2016 at lite 0 4 Feb 2015 1:33 AM HiAll, thanksforthereply. It was for me.

If you need technical support please post a question to our community. Click here to go to the product suggestion community savservices.exe running my CPU to capacity Hi,As of the last day, savservices.exe (99%) is running my CPU to 100% every time.This occurs Sophos Community Search User Help Site Search User Forums Email Appliance Endpoint Security and Control Free Tools Mobile PureMessage Reflexion SafeGuard Encryption Server Protection Sophos Central Sophos Clean Sophos Home Sophos It might be worth looking into then about the updating (if it is on startup), what configurations are in place in the updating policy applying to those machines? :):24985 uni101 0

Setting an transparent proxy exception for the UTM Broker Hostname does not help, the Proxy is ignoring this exception. :( I have found this bug and can reproduce this on any AndreasRieger 0 16 Apr 2016 8:43 PM Hi TheExpert, this is an Bug, relatd by defective broker Servers from sophos. Cancel WolfgangFriedl 0 8 May 2016 11:12 AM In reply to AndreasRieger: Thanks a lot for your help. Sounds like the right time to test it out and run it alongside the current version and see what happens. 0 Cayenne OP Best Answer NashBrydges Apr 13,

Ticket#4949693 WillpostanupdateherewhenIgotfurtherinformation lite 0 25 Aug 2015 2:27 AM Hi,Thisissueisnowgettingmyclientworsts.Can'tevenlogintotheSophosUTMduetohighcpu.everytimewelogintothesophosutm,allREDnetworksandlocalnetworkinternetgetdown.WeareplanningtoexportthelogfilesandbackupconfiginordertotestitinanotherUTMappliancewiththesamemodelbutwecan'tlogintoUTMduetothisissue. Are they XP, Vista, Windows 7? After the 9.3 fiasco you cant afford another release problem.  Tags: [email protected] 2 Cayenne OP NashBrydges Apr 26, 2016 at 11:31 UTC JPSL Consulting is an IT service We'd love to hear about it!

i have removed the behaviour monitoring.still same issue.thank you,krishna:49970 jak 0 19 May 2014 1:24 PM Hello, It hasn't linked the entire line, it should prove it is just on-access We'd love to hear about it! See the 'Technical information' section below for more details on how you can establish which adapter might be responsible for the CPU usage on your computer.