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Return Code 260

x1x Information These are replies to requests for information, such as status or help. It works fine and uploads completely while running in the simulator, but when I provision it on my iPhone, it says: Error Occurred. x2x Connections Replies referring to the control and data connections. The above command returns the following: ief2s-iMac:Frameworks ief2$ grep '260' $(find . -name "*Errors.h" ) ./CoreServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/CarbonCore.framework/Versions/A/Headers/MacErrors.h: midiDupIDErr = -260, /*duplicate client ID*/ ./CoreServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/CarbonCore.framework/Versions/A/Headers/MacErrors.h: kECONNREFUSEDErr = -3260, /* Connection refused */ ./Foundation.framework/Versions/C/Headers/FoundationErrors.h: check over here

Browse other questions tagged objective-c cocoa ios ftp or ask your own question. I tried this and error was gone.. Quote:The remote computer 'Edog' returned an RDP protocol error (Return code: 260). If you are prompted about restarting other services, click Yes.

Generalization of winding number to higher dimensions Do they wish to personify BBC Worldwide? THe error is below. However on an iOS Device the case became very important.

On the RD Session Host server, click Start, click Run, type cmd, and then click OK. How can I take a photo through trees but focus on an object behind the trees? The server-FTP process may send at most, one 1xx reply per command. 2xx Positive Completion reply The requested action has been successfully completed. The port should appear in the list and have a status of Listening.

You may want to edit your question to include the code that creates the path that you store into self.filePath. Did the page load quickly? Locate and then click the following registry subkey: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server\WinStationsNote:  RDP-TCP is the default connection name. To use netstat: On the RD Session Host server, click Start, click Run, type cmd, and then click OK.

Instead, find out what the problem is. To use the qwinsta tool: On the RD Session Host server, click Start, click Run, type cmd, and then click OK. In the right-pane, double-click the PortNumber registry entry. Go to "Add files" option and then import the file.

One thing I narrowed down was: NSError *attributesError = nil; NSDictionary *fileAttributes = [[NSFileManager defaultManager] attributesOfItemAtPath:self.filePath error:&attributesError]; if (attributesError) { [self failWithError:attributesError]; return; } In the device attributesError is true, in Privacy policy About Wikipedia Disclaimers Contact Wikipedia Developers Cookie statement Mobile view I'm believe there is a bug or I have mis-configured the software. See also[edit] List of FTP commands List of HTTP status codes References[edit] ^ RFC 959 v t e Error messages System failure Bomb icon Fatal system error Guru Meditation Kernel panic

prove an equation holds in series Is it bad practice to use GET method as login username/password for administrators? check my blog Confirm that the RDP port has changed To confirm that the RDP port assignment has been changed, use the netstat tool. PortNumber is entered as a hexadecimal value. A higher level nonstandard code created by Microsoft. 250 Requested file action okay, completed. 257 "PATHNAME" created. 300 Series The command has been accepted, but the requested action is on hold,

To perform this procedure, you must have membership in the local Administrators group, or you must have been delegated the appropriate authority. Are there any rules of thumb for the most comfortable seats on a long distance bus? 12 hour to 24 hour time converter Why would two species of predator with the Insufficient storage space in system.File unavailable (e.g., file busy). 500 Series Syntax error, command unrecognized and the requested action did not take place. this content To use the telnet tool: From another computer, click Start, click Run, type cmd, and then click OK.

A rule of thumb in determining if a reply fits into the 4xx or the 5xx (Permanent Negative) category is that replies are 4xx if the commands can be repeated without At the command prompt, type netstat -a and then press ENTER. To open the Services snap-in, click Start, point to Administrative Tools, and then click Services.

Type the port number that you want to assign to RDP in the Value data box.

I misunderstood the configuration and thought "Web URL" was where I should put the ip address instead of "Computer name." Apologies. Trying to connect to a Windows 2003 server NOT on my domain. Or it's merely an ordinary mistake? The user should send another command specifying this information.

To use netstat: On the RD Session Host server, click Start, click Run, type cmd, and then click OK. If you want to find your error quickly, you can use a simple command in the terminal to locate it's definition: ief2s-iMac:Frameworks ief2$ cd /System/Library/Frameworks ief2s-iMac:Frameworks ief2$ grep '260' $(find . Change the port assigned to RDP You should determine if this application can use a different port. have a peek at these guys I also prefer to use -F (fixed string) when I don't specifically want to search for a regular expression.

At the command prompt, type qwinsta and then press ENTER. File unavailable (e.g., file not found, no access). 551 Requested action aborted.