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X'4C' 076 Return Code=>0 Action=CLOSE Disposition processing failed during close. Too many files open simultaneously (Micro Focus). 15 Too many indexed files open (Micro Focus). 16 Too many device files open (Micro Focus). 17 Record error: probably zero length (Micro Focus). The file has been opened successfully. X'C0' 192 Return Code=08 Action=OPEN The file to be opened for output was found to be unusable (catalog entry marked not usable) because (a) catalog recovery for this file failed, or have a peek here

Rerun the job. This might point to a problem. For the COBOL environment if the FILE STATUS clause is specified in the FILE-CONTROL entry, a value is placed in the specified status key (the 2-character data item named in the Where?

Vsam Return Code

The second character is known as status-key-2 additional detail. X'C8' 200 Return Code=08 Action=Request An addressed or control-interval access is attempted via a path. You have reached the end of the file. 12 Attempted to open a file that is already open. 13 File not found.

If the problem persists print the dump from the SYSDMP. (Refer to VSE/VSAM Access Method Service Logic for interpretation of the IDUMP output.) Contact your IBM Support Center. and access GeekInterview anytime... X'20' 032 Return Code=00 Action=Request For a SAM ESDS with variable length records, a POINT or direct GET was issued that specified an RBA of zero. Iec161i 056-084 Make the average recordsize specified in the DLBL statement no larger that the blocksize specified in your DTF.

Run the Catalog Check Service Aid against the entire catalog; it will identify catalog errors for you. Vsam Open Return Code Is 232 If status-key-1 is equal to 9 then status-key-2 is a one byte, binary value as defined in the following table. Return Code=0C Action=Request VSAM failed to read index-set records of an index. Run the Catalog Check Service Aid against the entire catalog; it will indentify catalog errors for you.

Thank you. -- Frank Swarbrick Applications Architect - Mainframe Applications Development FirstBank Data Corporation - Lakewood, CO USA P: 303-235-1403 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- For IBM-MAIN subscribe / signoff / archive access instructions, send Vsam File Status 35 Return Code=08 Action=Request A PUT for update or an ERASE is issued without a preceding GET for update. Not enough extent blocks. If the correct volume was mounted, recover the file to make sure that the volume and catalog timestamps agree.

Vsam Open Return Code Is 232

VSAM Logical error codes These codes indicate VSAM errors. Also, check to see if the path to the file concerned exists (Micro Focus). 14 Relative files only. Vsam Return Code Frank Swarbrick Re: Verify, explicit implicit and condition codes as ... Vsam Return Code 168 If so, you would have got a non-zero file status on the OPEN for the file, which would mean you are not checking the file status for the OPEN.

Possible causes:Attempting to WRITE or REWRITE a record that is larger than the largest, or smaller than the smallest record allowed by the RECORD IS VARYING clause of the associated file.Attempting Comments or Feedback This document was created and is copyrighted and maintained by SimoTime Technologies. If this is a multi-step job, separate it into several jobs. Rerun the job. Vsaminit

Only DTFPH may be used with NOCIFORMAT files. PROGRAMMER ACTION: Changes the device address in the ASSGN statement to that of the VSAM volume being opened. Either there is not enough space left to make the secondary allocation or you attempted to increase the size of a data set while processing SHROPT=4 and DISP=SHR. 036(24) Key Ranges Check This Out This situation should only result from a system failure during UPGRADE processing.

X'06' 006 Return Code=04 Action=CBMN The SHOWCB or TESTCB OBJECT operand refers to a non-esistent index. X'E8' 232 Return Code=08 Action=OPEN ACB MACRF = RST (reset) was specified for a non-reusable file and that file is not empty. X'28' 040 Return Code=08 Action=OPEN No space is available on any volume for primary allocation of a dynamic file.

Programmer Respone: Do one of the following: Correct the problem that caused the preceding catalog recovery operation to fail.

For additional information on VERIFY processing, see z/OS DFSMS Using Data Sets. If the data set is opened for input, the catalog will not be updated by close and VERIFY will again be run by OPEN the next time the data set is Note: VSAM produces an INDUMP of the region containing the VSAM control blocks, provide the SYSDMP is created and assigned. If you determine the contention is caused by other jobs (either in your system or another system) using the same files as your job, attempt to reschedule your job at a

Return Code=08 Action=Request Keyed access is requested for an entry-sequenced file. It was exported with the TEMPORARY and INHIBITSOURCE options and updating is not permited. VSAM and QSAM File Status Codes/keys from IBM manual Printout of SQLcodes for DB2, Version 7 SQLcodes SQLCODES for DB2 Version 8 from the IBM manual GC18-7422-0 04/06/05 Abend codes / this contact form PROGRAMMER ACTION: Rerun the job when there is less concurrent activity in the system.

Refer to the section for Status-Key-1 being equal to "0" for additional information based on Status-Key-2. 1End of File, attempting to read beyond the end of the file. Please let me know in detail .thanksvgl gopal_NKP Posts: 22Joined: Fri Feb 25, 2011 11:47 am Hasthanked: 0 time Beenthanked: 0 time Top Re: VSAM Error/Warning messages by gopal_NKP » Subscribe Latest News Follow @geekinterview Tags AccentureWiproAMDAMDOCAxes-TechnologiesAztec-SystemsBirlaSoftCiscoCognizantDellGEHALInfosysISROTCSSonataAdobeOracleMphasis Random Question How can i sort data in Oracle Forms at runtime after executing the query for specified critirion? This may be done by specifying the number of tracks and blocks in the EXTENT statement or by specifying RECORDS and RECSIZE on the DLBL statement for device independent allocation.

X'9C' 156 Return Code=08 Action=Request One or more records in this CI may contain duplicate data after an addressed GET-with-update. NOTE: VSAM provides an IDUMP of the region containing the VSAM control blocks, provided the SYSDMP is created and assigned. PROGRAMMER ACTION: Consult with your system programmer to correct the problem. If you have any questions, suggestions, comments or feedback please call or send an e-mail to: [email protected] We appreciate hearing from you.

Return Code=08 Action=Request The type of accessing for the request does not match the type of accessing in the ACB when the file was opened; for example: ADR or CNV was X'73' 115 Return Code=08 Action=OPEN The Catalog Check Service Aid was invoked during OPEN processing and detected a severe catalog error. An EXTENT statement is required for each volume to be accessed; for example, for each volume on which your base cluster and alternate index(es) reside. Perform a LISTCAT to determine the contents of the catalog you are using.

Make sure that your DLBL statement specifies a file-id which you know is a SAM ESDS. This information message indicates that the catalog records for this file are correct, but its catalog statistics may be incorrect. PROGRAMMER ACTION: Try to find the reason for the nonavailabilty of the volume or extent. If you do not use simplified job control, use LISTCAT output to determine which volumes must be described in the EXTENT statements.

If you use the VERIFY command, this message can appear when VERIFY processing opens the data set. OPEN has attempted to verify the end of the data set and the VERIFY completed without errors. Note that it is not valid to use VERIFY on a linear data set. If you ignore the warning and try to process the data set, the results are unpredictable.

You should verify that all of the expected records are in the data set. Some batch job? X'60' 096 Return Code=04 Action=OPEN The file to be opened for input was found to be unusable because catalog recovery for this file failed.