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Timed Out Getting Vs.dte From Com Running Object Table

Please try the request again. Visual Studio possesses a special debug mode which allows identifying any of the environment's comamnds. COM then returns RPC_E_CALL_REJECTED from the original method call. /// 0..99: The call is to be retried immediately. /// 100 and above: COM will wait for this many milliseconds and then Oh darn, I am still getting Access Violations… Maybe it’s because of that other code I wrote just before? weblink

Kids shuffling cards Rent clothing in Frankfurt / Being warm without cold weather clothing Do they wish to personify BBC Worldwide? Seems like there must be some way around it - I'm just not clever enough to know what it is!I'm pretty sure that it is working on some systems with UAC A counter-measure to prevent changing text properties (i.e., labels that show the current date and time or random IDs) from causing test runs to fail, is to use inexact property matching THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH, Kon!!This installment of Pub 2007 is even more important, since it is at work, where I wanted to employ it in the first place, but I had

Here's sample code that shows the approach: Imports EnvDTE Module Module1 Sub Main() Dim dte As DTE = DirectCast(Interaction.CreateObject("VisualStudio.DTE.10.0"), EnvDTE.DTE) dte.SuppressUI = False dte.MainWindow.Visible = True Dim win As Window = It says that rot.GetObject requires two parameters. :? –Ignacio Soler Garcia Jan 20 '15 at 8:32 @SoMoS Try the revised, let me know if it works. –Dave Hillier Jan So all through our code we had to add extra code whose only purpose was to do automatic retry until we didn’t get COMException. It shows all objects on "the" running object table.

However, several bug reports from our users, each one containing a similar ComExeption error, prompted us to examine this issue in more detail and to implement a threading safety mechanism for So, the connectMode can be used to correctly determine the moment of initialization inside the OnConnection method. goto PVS-Studio; Previous article Next article Paul Eremeev Articles: 29 Recent Posts PVS-Studio project - 10 years of failures and successes Ten years ago, we created a simple utility called Viva64 ZeroMemory( exploded, sizeof(exploded)); .... } All projects → Recent Posts PVS-Studio project - 10 years of failures and successes Ten years ago, we created a simple utility called Viva64 intended to

Personal Open source Business Explore Sign up Sign in Pricing Blog Support Search GitHub This repository Watch 49 Star 295 Fork 89 fsprojects/VisualFSharpPowerTools Code Issues 64 Pull requests 3 Projects So, to maintain a backward compatibility with existing extension packages, new EnvDTE80, EnvDTE90, EnvDTE100 etc. more hot questions question feed lang-cs about us tour help blog chat data legal privacy policy work here advertising info mobile contact us feedback Technology Life / Arts Culture / Recreation A more drastic approach is to delete the application's settings before each test run so it always starts up cleanly.

Is there a safe location where you can put a temporary file even when the script is not running as admin on a system with UAC enabled?] Top lexikos Posts: 4876 Alternatively, make sure that just before the end of every test recording, you close files and generally set the application to how you want it to be at the start of One possible reason for this is that some applications have a "Save and Restore" feature (like the Squish IDE), that remembers the application's state when it was last terminated (e.g., window If a program is running on a different integrity level, you cannot access its active objects.

Apex schedulable jobs What's the point of repeating an email address in "The Envelope" and the "The Header"? null means get latest version. } ///

/// The description of this host to use in Run Config dialog. /// public string RunConfigurationInformation { get { return "VsIdeHostAdapter Test So I guess it really does not exist in Pub 2002. Reload to refresh your session.

Automation Object Model structure Visual Studio automation model is composed of several interconnected functional object groups covering all aspects of the development environment; it also provides capabilities for controlling and extending In fact, this impression is a false one, as such method of DTE acquisition could potentially cause the occasional appearance of "floating" errors which are hard to identify and debug, and return VSUtility.Version + "Exp"; } ///

/// Starts new Visual Studio process and obtains host side from it. /// private void CreateHostSide() { Contract.Assert(!string.IsNullOrEmpty(_workingDir)); Contract.Assert(_hostSide == null); Contract.Assert(_vsIde == they allow the interaction with the text as it presented directly by the UI.

STA can hold only a single thread, but an unlimited number of objects, inside such container. For both instances of the application the name is simply "!{my prog CLSID}", so I have to change the function to output a regular array so I can get multiple objects now what? Is the binomial theorem actually more efficient than just distributing How should I respond to absurd observations from customers during software product demos?

I'm looking at adding some debug output to the function to see where it fails. So it is always important to consider the sequence of your extension initialization process if the access to DTE.Events is required in the Initialize() method of your extension package. It works just fine for me.

So if the object cannot be found when these commands execute this results in an immediate error.

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PVS-Studio We develop a PVS-Studio static code analyzer that finds errors in the C, C++ and C# Just retry again until we timeout. } if (addinLookingFor != null) { break; } System.Threading.Thread.Sleep(_baseSleepDuration); } while (timer.Elapsed < _addinWaitTimeout); } finally { timer.Stop(); } if (addinLookingFor == null) { throw By using this source code in any fashion, you are agreeing to be bound * by the terms of the Apache License, Version 2.0. * * You must not remove this But the more tests we wrote and the more other sporadic issues were ironed out the worse, relatively, this particular issue became.

And the way we would found out which dozens was to have dozens of tests fail from COMException – but not all at once, it would be over a period of put the code in a Visual Studio add-in –JoelFan May 18 '10 at 18:29 add a comment| Your Answer draft saved draft discarded Sign up or log in Sign up MZ-Tools. this content How long an application takes to perform any particular action can also vary depending on how much load the system is under.

Stories about Christmas and New Year Bugs Do you believe in magic? The new design of Called by Agent via Activator.CreateInstance and should not have any parameters. /// public VsIdeHostAdapter() { } ///

/// The Host Side of Vs Ide Host Adapter. /// private I don't want VS to communicate with another process...

Top wpb Posts: 48 Joined: 14 Dec 2015, 01:53 Re: GetActiveObjects - Get multiple active COM objects Quote 26 Jan 2016, 07:59 Any idea why this might not return any results Then Squish will check to see if the object is ready for interaction, i.e., that the object is both visible and enabled. The IVsUIShellOpenDocument interface controls the state of documents opened in the environment. For example: Is the error thrown by an interaction function like mouseClick()?

EnvDTE interfaces 18.10.2012 Paul Eremeev Articles: 29 Abstract Introduction Automation Object Model structure Obtaining references to DTE/DTE2 objects. object obj = System.Activator.CreateInstance(t, true); // Cast the instance to DTE2 and assign to variable dte. And for applications that use networking, network latency can impact how long things take. For example, here is a statement that will make the script execution wait for 5 seconds: In some cases, this alone will be sufficient to resolve any problems.

The story behind it, told by the PVS-Studio developers - the main PVS-Studio developers site, turned 10 this year! Top wpb Posts: 48 Joined: 14 Dec 2015, 01:53 Re: GetActiveObjects - Get multiple active COM objects Quote 26 Jan 2016, 23:15 I think you are right - this is to Or it's merely an ordinary mistake? Programmers are serious-minded and well-educated people of ...

Just one bug found in the project will show you the benefits of the static code analysis methodology better than a dozen of the articles.